Automate Training and Certification

Training and certification in fast-paced and mixed-workforce companies are very challenging. There is little time and no room for errors, so we created a learning platform that puts the training and certification on autopilot.

Integrate edloomio with your LMS or use it as your new standalone LMS.

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Automate and enjoy faster

"The continuous development of new features and Edloomio's customer-focused approach I like the most. Furthermore, the LMS gives us professional support on managing the processes of creating, hosting, distributing, and assessing training sessions within our international organization.

Patrick v.d. Langenberg - HR Business Partner - Vion Food Group

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Faster training and certification of your workforce

Audit-proof training and certification that runs 50% faster.
A dream? With edloomio, it’s a reality.

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Faster onboarding of new employees

Time to reduce onboarding costs and speed up time-to-performance for new employees. It’s time for onboarding with edloomio.

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Faster skills management across the organization

The rapid digitalization of our world requires rapid upskilling or reskilling of employees. Edloomio can automate your skills management.