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With edloomio - The Automated, AI-Powered Learning Management System

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With edloomio - The Automated, AI-Powered Learning Management System

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"The continuous development of new features and Edloomio's customer-focused approach I like the most. Furthermore, the LMS gives us professional support on managing the processes of creating, hosting, distributing, and assessing training sessions within our international organization.

Patrick v.d. Langenberg - HR Business Partner - Vion Food Group


Training and Certification

and save up to 75% of your time

Tired of sending emails, updating training data in Excel, and scanning certificates?

Time to automate all your administrative training and certification processes with edloomio.

Solve all your training challenges


24/7 online training with interactive e-learning. Use our ready-made courses or create your own with our easy-to-use course builder.

Classroom Training

Easily organize and manage all your classroom training, with edloomio. Including self-enrolment, waiting lists, and more.


Auto-issue certificates, upload external certifications, and keep track to forecast and foresee expired certifications.


Rapidly upskill or reskill your workforce in these digitalizing times. Edloomio visualizes the skills map of your workforce and automatically keeps track of gaps.

Audit-proof Reporting

Be audit-ready, always. See at a glance detailed training results of an individual, a team, or simply everyone.

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Extended Enterprise Learning Management System

Workers, supervisors, contractors, managers, and interns, everyone’s training and certification in one place.

Train & Certify

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Food Production Workers
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Frontline Workers
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Office Workers
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Create a library where people can browse and access courses. Share your library easily on other platforms (like your intranet) and make learning available where your learners are.


Learning Journeys give people a clear overview of which courses they need to complete in order to complete the Learning Journey. Often used for onboarding new hires.

Registration Pages

Registration pages offer an easy way to have external contractors or partners create an account on your edloomio LMS.


Create surveys in edloomio. Gather and analyze data in order to make learning experiences more interactive and engaging.

Course Builder

Our built-in training course builder requires no special skills. You can any form of training. The possibilities are endless.


The Gamification tool enables you to add points to courses and a leaderboard to stimulate competition between users.


Make learning materials available outside of courses. In your own company Wiki, people can search and browse to find answers and learn.


More than 13 available reports are easily customizable and downloadable.

Our most popular features. Check out all our features here.

The flexible LMS that adjusts

Do you know the main reason businesses are disappointed with their current Learning Management System? Lack of features or too much features!

Edloomio has all you expect from a Next-Gen learning management system and much more. And the best part: it’s not overwhelming. We have created a tools system. You simply activate the tool you need, when you need it. This way, edloomio is extremely flexible and grows with your L&D needs and challenges.

The features you need, when you need them.

The LMS that integrates

With deep integrations into your existing systems, edloomio will not be an isolated island but an integrated part of everyone’s daily work.

Edloomio has a range of pre-built integrations with the most popular systems like SAP, AFAS, and many more.

Are your systems not listed? With our robust API, we can quickly create an integration according to your requirements.

Automatically exchange data with your systems

lms integrations

and a lot more!

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The Safe & Secure LMS

The security of our customer’s data is very important to us.

Our customers trust us with their data. We repay that trust with our ongoing commitment to working with only the most secure practices across all of our teams and technology.

We continuously invest in the best possible Enterprise-grade security measures to keep data safe.

GDRP Compliant, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified

Automation Enterprise Trust Availability Automation Enterprise Trust Availability Automation Enterprise Trust Availability
Automation Enterprise Trust Availability Automation Enterprise Trust Availability Automation Enterprise Trust Availability

Global Learning Management System

We are honored that people around the world use our learning management system to learn, train, grow, and make their workplace safer.

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