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Most online training platforms or learning management systems are slow, complicated and not intuitive. Therefore creating, deploying and managing an online training can take weeks up to months!

We provide an all-in-one online training platform to easily create, deploy and automate online training in minutes. People love using the platform.

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Creating the content of a training program can be a big challenge. And the organization, creation, deployment, and monitoring is often much more difficult. It can take weeks or even months to launch one single training.

Luckily you have discovered edloomio. Now you can create and deploy training in a matter of minutes!

With our best-practice templates and user-friendly training composer, you can create a course, guide, or training without coding skills or additional software.

In a few clicks you deploy your awesome training in your company and edloomio will handle all communication, monitoring and even recompletion automatically. Edloomio will save you countless hours of work.

All-in-One training solution

Edloomio offers you an all-in-one online training platform that is fully cloud-based and compatible with all devices without app or software installation.

  • Improved employee experience
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased employee productivity
  • 80% development cost reduction
  • 60% lowered deployment time
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Need a hand?

Whether you need a hand in your project or you’re looking for someone to run your L&D campaigns, our experts are ready to help.

Working with an edloomio expert can take your training to the next level.  Our expert network is a curated list of trusted pros to help you achieve your training goals.

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Edloomio supports dozens of companies worldwide, from industry leaders to innovative start-ups. Millions of people use edloomio to learn and grow every day. We are proud of our training solution and continue to improve our online training platform daily to deliver you the best online training solution. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our worldwide network.


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