5 Essential L&D Tools for L&D Professionals In Belgium

Did you know that in the first quarter of 2023, 72.1% of people aged 20-64 in Belgium were employed? That’s a lot of talent to develop and nurture, and if you’re one of the many L&D professionals contributing to this development, you know how essential the right tools are for success​. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top five L&D tools that are making a big impact in Belgium.

1. Edloomio

First up is Edloomio, a leading L&D solutions provider. Edloomio is all about upskilling workforces and driving growth for companies. Its innovative solutions empower organizations to optimize their L&D strategies and unlock the full potential of their employees​. Edloomio is used by a variety of organizations from large enterprises and small/medium businesses. It provides solutions for a wide range of use cases such as compliance training, employee onboarding, and workforce Skills development​. The versatility and comprehensive nature of Edloomio’s offerings make it a must-have tool for any L&D professional.

2. iSpring Suite

Next on our list is iSpring Suite, a beginner-friendly and feature-rich platform that transforms PowerPoint presentations into dynamic, interactive courses. With iSpring, you get more than just one tool – you get a package of seven purpose-built course authoring tools, each designed to make the process of creating and delivering online courses as easy and effective as possible​.

iSpring Suite’s QuizMaker simplifies the quiz creation process with 14 different question templates, while TalkMaster allows for the creation of effective dialogue simulations. Moreover, iSpring Visuals enables you to create interactive visual content to enrich your e-learning course​. With its easy compatibility with most LMS and cost-effective pricing, it’s no wonder iSpring Suite is a popular choice among L&D professionals.

3. Deloitte and Totara:

Deloitte and Totara alliance provides a powerful and flexible learning management system (LMS) that can meet the needs of an organization. The LMS is designed for multiple purposes such as training employees, delivering courses to customers, or creating a space for learners to connect and collaborate. Totara provides tools and features to easily create and deliver engaging online learning experiences, add a layer of interaction and gamified learning, and measure the impact of training programs. Deloitte Learning Technology team provides full support and co-creation of a learning platform from scratch or optimization of the current Moodle or Totara implementation. The team also offers full configuration from server hosting to customer support, keeping the platform up-to-date, and conducting regular check-ins after launch to discuss the roadmap, usage and engagement, and optimization possibilities​.

4. Webanywhere

Webanywhere offers a web-based learning platform with the Totara LMS, which is trusted by thousands of organizations and millions of learners worldwide. The platform is tailored for an organization and can be integrated with existing solutions. The Totara Learning Experience Platform (LXP) allows learners to engage and collaborate with each other and enables organizations to create personalized learning plans and monitor their effectiveness. The platform also offers live online learning using the Watch and Learn solution to provide a blended learning environment. Webanywhere integrates daily solutions with learning programs and other enterprise-wide solutions including Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn Learning, Zoom, Salesforce, Slack, Workday, Snowflake, and Watch and Learn. It also offers gamification and enterprise-wide reporting features. Webanywhere has been at the forefront of learning technology development since its formation in 2003 and has helped over 3,500 educational and corporate clients reach their e-learning goals​.

5. IMC Learning

IMC Learning is a full-service provider for training, learning, and development. With over 25 years of global experience, they offer tailored solutions for all organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium that take the development of their employees and organization seriously. All their software, tools, and services are available in Dutch. IMC Learning Suite, a combination of a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), offers powerful functionalities for employee development and multi-tenancy capabilities for setting up multiple learning portals within one system. The platform is feature-rich, fully configurable, and offers broad integration possibilities with other software like Microsoft Teams, PayPal, Shopify, and Salesforce. IMC Express, their AI-driven e-learning authoring software, enables everyone in the organization to share knowledge without needing a design or didactic background. IMC also offers original, interactive, and effective e-learning content tailored for organizations, as well as off-the-shelf e-learning trainings.

There you have it, folks! While we were unable to provide detailed information on all the platforms, these five tools have been making waves in the L&D landscape in Belgium. With their diverse offerings and innovative solutions, they’re well worth checking out for any L&D professional looking to upskill their workforce and optimize their strategies. Happy exploring!

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