5 tips for successful virtual classroom training

Forced by Covid-19 to cancel your classroom training? We have a solution and 5 tips for successful virtual classroom training.

Our learning management system has a fully integrated virtual classroom training solution at your disposal. Quickly turn your classroom training into a successful virtual classroom training.

But conducting a successful virtual classroom training is a bit different from a traditional classroom training. That is why we give you 5 tips for successful virtual classroom training.

Successful virtual classroom

Tip 1: Technical Information

“Hello? I do not hear anything. Do you hear me? I can’t see anything…”

We all know it. Despite the fact that everyone has online meetings these days, it still happens that some participants experience technical difficulties. Our first tip: send an email 1 day after the invitation with technical information about how someone can participate. This way you can start your virtual training much faster at the agreed time.

Tip 2: Log In Early

Logging in at least 15 minutes before the virtual training starts will give you time to prepare the set up. Open the tabs or documents so you don’t need to search for them while performing the virtual training.

Tip 3: Waiting Screen

The people will log in around the agreed time. Although it is nice to greet everyone personally, it gets chaotic when several people log in immediately after each other. Avoid a jumble of greetings and set up an interesting waiting screen. For example, a page that contains a greeting and a question so that participants can start thinking.

Tip 4: Involve Participants

No one can attentively follow a 60-minute monologue. It is therefore important to actively involve the participants. Ask questions regularly and have them answered via chat. Or activate a poll. Make sure you don’t get distracted and stick to your story. Park questions or discussion topics for a later time or suggest that you answer these questions via email after the virtual training.

Tip 5: Learning Continues

Learning continues even after your virtual training. After a max 3 days after the virtual training, send out a transcript of the questions and answers, as well as additional resources that were discussed online. Thanks to PrimeLight, the participants automatically have access to the recording and enables them to revisit their learning and help them retain key concepts.

That’s it. Happy virtual training everybody!

Infographic successful virtual classroom training