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8 tips to inspire your employees to perform better

As an employer or manager, you might get caught up in a strategic part of your company/ business that you sometimes find difficult to balance between getting your work done and fostering good leadership.

To inspire your employees as well as to lead them is another type of art and if done right it will not only trigger employee happiness and productivity but will bring prosperity to an organization.

Even though there are countless great books on how to become a great leader, in this article we will highlight 8 crucial points on empowering your employees to perform better that will eventually lead your company in the right direction.     

  1) Know your employees

Even though you hired your employees based on their resume, in reality, they are more than that. People generally always want to be heard, understood, or known. They value the individual approaches and it makes them feel connected.  Asking Emily regarding her plans for the weekend and following up on Adam’s dog adoption progress can help you as a manager to establish meaningful ties with your employees and get insights on what motivates them the most. 

It’s similar to high schoolers that enjoy going to school not because of the classes that they take but because of the community that they have at school. Once your employees know that their manager is invested in their success, they will be more motivated to show the best results.  

2) Encourage transparent communication

Have you ever heard of dictatorship? Dictatorship is not only a form of government, it can also be met in many businesses. When managers avoid alternative suggestions or opinions and become the only decision-makers, employees become detached from the company’s goals.

Similarly, employees feel useless when they can’t openly discuss issues that bother them at the workplace and hear the solutions that would help them to take care of their mental health.

3) Train your employees

Considering the importance of training, which is another factor that demonstrates the great leadership of a manager. Companies that train their employees improve the retention rates of their workers by more than 50%. Besides, it is a great ROI because according to IBM, every 1$ invested in employee training generates about 30$ worth of productivity.

Implementing training programs also shows employees that they are valued and the company is fully invested in them which will eventually prepare employees for higher responsibilities. 

Moreover, there are many efficient Learning Management Systems and pre-made courses for training employees that help to save time for occupied managers yet ensuring employees’ happiness. 

But it is also important to remember another great aspect, that has ever been mentioned by Sir Richard Branson- “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to”, which leads to the next tip of inspiring employees to perform better.   

4) Appreciate Performance

As a manager, you might be so consumed by your work that you sometimes forget to be attentive to good work and effort. Obviously, there is a certain line between appraising the non-satisfactory job and the work mastered well, but with the simple “Good Job” you can provoke your employees with more ideas, motivation, and creativity boost.

 5) Request a Feedback 

It is sometimes harsh to hear that your ideas are pointless but it is extremely important in order to adjust and improve those ideas for a better outcome. As a mature and wise manager, normalize admitting that you are wrong. Remember that it is not your ego that you are trying to maintain, it is the culture of learning and transparency that you are trying to incorporate.    

6) Allow risk-taking

Employees also want to experiment and see how things turn out, at times they want to try strategies that are outside of their comfort zone. By giving them the space for risk-taking you will incorporate innovation and make your employees more confident and self-determinant.    

7) Foster employee freedom and autonomy 

COVID-19 allowed so many employers to ascertain that employees can finish their tasks, contribute to their workplace and stay equally professional either at their homes, while on a vacation, or at any preferred hour during the day.

Allow your employees to adjust their work around their lifestyle. When employees feel that they have to dress, act or do things in certain ways, they stop being their genuine selves and enjoying their work. Giving more freedom and autonomy will allow employees to be happy at work and perform 10x better.

8) Hire the best talents 

You should hire the best people onboard if you want to make your employees perform better. Keep in mind that hiring the best people does not refer to accepting candidates from Top Universities only. It is the willingness to learn and contribute, the sparkle in the eyes, the excitement, and ambition of the candidate to push himself should be the main factor of hiring. Because a good manager will always find a way to bring the best qualities out of the regular people.

Last but not Least…

One of the factors to inspire employees to perform better is in implementing training programs. As a smart, secure, and easy-to-use Learning Management System, we helped a significant number of organizations to train their employees, educate their customers, develop talents, and create effective online training.

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