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Automated & Integrated

Edloomio is a next-gen learning platform that your people will actually love to use. It’s integrated in their daily work and right there when they need it. It will continuously help them become better at what they do. And the best part, it’s fully automated. Time to ditch the traditional learning management systems. It’s time for edloomio.

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Edloomio Next Generation Learning Management System

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Powerful, not overpowering

With edloomio’s unique design and workflow, you can use the tools when you need to and disable them when you don’t.


Each tool in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Automate and save time

Save a lot of time by automating administrative tasks like completion reminders, course deadlines, annual recompletions, weekly reports.


Now you’re free to focus on solving real learning challenges while edloomio takes care of the grunt work.

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Create training in minutes

With the built-in course builder you can create (online) training in minutes. From simple video e-learning to professional blended courses, the course builder is extremely powerful yet easy to use.


Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Edloomio comes with +30 pre-built courses ready to roll out. Plus, our templates let you launch  without the set-up-from-scratch hassle.

Integrate and exchange data

With deep integrations into your existing platforms (Afas, Office365, Salesforce, …), edloomio will not be an isolated island but an integrated part of your colleague’s daily work.

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