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Edloomio is building the LMS of the future.

There’s a shift happening in business software at this moment. While tools for organization, design, and communication are evolving, LMS platforms have often stayed the same. Many companies are still relying on outdated systems that can’t keep up with the current needs for speed, scalability, and data analytics.

We’re here to rewrite that story.

Founded in 2019, edloomio introduces a refreshingly new approach to LMS—powered by AI, fully customizable, and designed for easy teamwork. With edloomio, businesses can configure and deploy a learning management system that perfectly suits their unique needs.

Our 3 Pillars

Lead by User Experience

In everything we create, we always keep the experience of the end user in mind. We continuously aim for the "Wow".

Lead by Innovation

We always look for the latest innovations or use existing technology and methods in an innovative way. Keep innovating, always.

Lead by Heart

We are passionate about our work, but even more passionate about how we treat each other.

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Nusterweg 63, 6136KT Sittard, The Netherlands


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