Automate L&D tasks and save (a lot of) time.

To shape the future of L&D in your organisation, you need time. And the best way to get that time is through automation. When you automate manual L&D work – like completion reminders, annual recompletion, invitations and much more – you’re free to focus on making an impact.

automated newsletters

Automated Newsletters.

Deliver learning to your employees’ inbox. Promotional, informative, or even complete learnings, easily create newsletters.

Schedule the sending of newsletters so they reach the inbox of your employees at the most convenient time.

Automated Reminders.

Have courses that need to completed within 4 weeks? Sure you can email those who haven’t completed in time. But what if you dozens of courses and hundreds of learners? Let edloomio do the heavy lifting and automatically inform the learners who need to be informed.

automated reminders
automated recompletion certification

Automated Recompletion.

Many industries require annual certification to demonstrate the qualification of employees. With edloomio you can set up an entire recompletion cycle just like you wanted. Including reminders, warnings and much more.

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