Best 5 Open Source LMS for businesses in 2020

People are your company’s most important assets. It’s essential that they maintain and gain the knowledge that sets your business apart from the competition. Adopting the right open source learning management system (LMS) makes it possible for you to offer dynamic training in a way that reduces costs, improves learning outcomes, and adapts to your organization’s changing needs. The learning management system market is expanding enormously. Each day, dozens of new LMS platforms appear. So how do you choose? As we firmly believe in open source software, we have created a list of the best open source learning management systems available today that are suited for businesses. Here are the best 5 open source LMS platforms on the market.

#1 Totara Learning

Totara Learning is an LMS that was developed in New Zealand for businesses that need to offer training in agile environments. Totara Learning is completely customizable, which allows you to create learning modules that are unique to your brand. Totara serves businesses that operate in education, financial services, manufacturing, and hospitality.

👍 A key benefit of the Totara Learning platform is that it’s built for businesses with unique features as multi-tenancy.
👎 Industry experts note Totara’s complexity and expense as its most prominent downsides.
👎 The platform is also perceived as difficult to use.

#2 edloomio

The edloomio platform is an enterprise LMS that’s designed for internal training. Edloomio supports uploads of existing content for easy course creation. With edloomio, your data is kept safe on secure servers that comply with Europe’s strict General Data Protection Regulation.

👍Industry insiders find edloomio to be very easy to use right out of the box.
👍Unique features for internal training such as onboarding, compliance training, etc.
👎 The platform is fairly new.
👎 Premium support is not 24/7 available.

#3 Moodle

An exclusive on our list as Moodle is not build for business. But Moodle is one of the most well-known LMS platforms on the market. It’s specifically designed to support teachers that operate in the education market. The downloadable software is maintained by the Moodle Project with the financial support of service partners from around the world.

The developer community for the Moodle Project is vast, which enables it to make periodic software improvements that benefit users. While Moodle works well for customers such as Microsoft’s Open University and the London School of Economics, its features aren’t designed for businesses that operate beyond the education and training market. Other users note that the software is complex and a little hard to use.

👍 Biggest community with continues development.
👎 You will need a developer to setup and customize.
👎 Not easy to master. It’s features are overwhelming.
👎 The platform is also difficult to use.
👎 Not build for businesses.


ILIAS is an open source learning management system that enables public sector organizations, schools, and businesses to create tailored learning scenarios. ILIAS has been around since 1998, and its developer and user community is large and active. This means fewer bugs and more innovation.

👍 ILIAS users love the system’s flexibility and numerous features that support optimum customization.
👎 Other people note that the software is complex and hard to use for newbies.
👎 The system’s interface really needs an update.

#5 OpenEdx

OpenEdx is a open source learning management platform for the education and training community. Instructors create learning content within OpenEdx that includes multimedia presentations, adaptive video streaming, and virtual reality simulation environments.

OpenEdx was originally developed to support edX, which is the online learning environment for Harvard and MIT.

👍 Edx videos are integrated. (Not all are free though)
👎 The platform is hard to set up.
👎 Some users note that it lacks the extensive set of features that’s standard on other LMS platforms.


Open source learning management systems offer many important options to businesses. Whether you need to train large groups of team members or deliver instruction to students around the country through your tutoring business, you’ll quickly realize the value that the right open source LMS brings to your organization. With one of these best 5 open source LMS platforms you are well on your way with training your employees successfully.