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Why edloomio is the Best LMS for your company? Here are the 4 main reasons

As companies grow and the number of employees increases, the Learning and Development department and well as HR managers’ main dilemma becomes, “How to help the team develop faster?”   as well as “What is the best LMS for our organization”.

This is when edloomio, a smart and people-focused Learning Management System, can simplify a task of L&D, Human Resources and influence employees’ development.

In this article, we will describe what edloomio is from the perspective of our users and how it can be useful for your organization.

Paradise for HR 

The job of HR is to ensure productivity within the organization and influence employee satisfaction. Thinking about it, you might wonder: “But who will take care of HR’s wellbeing and assist in their productivity ?” The correct answer is the best LMS like edloomio!

edloomio LMS  harvests all the learning data, including external certification into the employee’s profile. This feature helps HR to ditch the monotone tasks and ensure other important aspects of the company. Moreover, edloomio’s simplified design makes it easy for users to access the platform, which eliminates the need for additional training.

Besides simplifying HR’s task, edloomio also helps HR in their own learning and development. To build a rewarding employee experience is the main goal of HR and edloomio LMS provides 142 the necessary resources, documents, as well as essential HR Policies and Checklists to help HR understand what matters most to their people.

In other words, Smart LMS, Happy HR! This is the main goal that edloomio carries.

Happiness for Employees

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Even though edloomio’s main goal is to ensure HR’s happiness, edloomio technically kills 2 birds with one stone by indirectly influencing employee satisfaction.

Old, slow, and boring LMS is totally not what makes employees happy. They need a new people-focused LMS that they will actually love to use, which is exactly what edloomio offers!

Moreover, every 1$ spent in employee training with edloomio LMS, brings 35$ worth of productivity. And with our innovative and user-friendly tools, learning gets smoother and way more interactive which can allow your team to access the academy from anywhere, anytime, and feel more empowered for learning & development.

Advanced Course Maker

Let’s get it straight, edloomio is not only an HR and Employee pleaser. It also has hard skills such as advanced course making. With edloomio’s flexible course builder and best-practice templates; companies can create interactive courses, guides, or training without coding skills or additional software.

And once you plan to monetize the learning that you have created and start selling your courses independently, the best LMS like edloomio we can help you out too! Our talented experts can create amazing courses and help you monetize your content. Learn more 

Time saver

edloomio outsource course creation

And the cherry on top, edloomio saves your time too! In a few clicks, it allows the deployment of awesome training in your company and handles all communication, reminders, and even completion automatically. You will be able to save countless hours of work.

And with last update that edloomio LMS had offered, it gets easier for organization to Launch Academy in minutes! The Best LMS like edloomio values your time and knows how an instant academy can be a game-changer for your company’s growth! Without having to wait for the Demo that takes time, you can launch your academy in minutes and start using our learning platform! 

Yet, we do still provide an optional Demo, in case you want to meet our charming director. Some of our partners even get enchanted and fall in love with us and our services. Want to ensure how our charm works? 😉 You can request a demo here.  

In conclusion…

As a smart, secure, and easy-to-use Learning Management System, we helped a significant number of organizations to train their employees, educate their customers, develop talents, create effective online training, and get their academy done right & AWESOME.

If you need to scale up your employees’ performance, provide the most engaging and interactive courses as well as become the most loved manager that truly cares about his employees’ learning and development, it’s such a fortune that we found each other! We can help you to create training professionally in an instant. You won’t need extra software or coding skills to make your courses fun and engaging for the learners. It is easy to use and pretty cheap! 😁  Launch your academy for FREE now and get your organization on the track of motivation and prosperity!


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