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about HEW Kabel

HEW KABEL is a manufacturing company that specializes in selling cables to various industries, such as automotive and medical device industries. Before using edloomio, the company primarily conducted internal and external training in a traditional classroom setting, relying heavily on Excel sheets for tracking training progress. They began searching for a digital solution to make e-learning content accessible to their workers and to streamline their certification process.

The Challenge

The biggest pain points HEW KABEL faced prior to edloomio were the lack of a centralized training platform and a cumbersome certification process. They needed a solution that would allow for quick and easy digitalization of content, while also issuing certifications to meet the requirements of audits in Germany.

What did
edloomio do

HEW KABEL had a clear goal in mind when searching for a Learning Management System (LMS) – they wanted a tool that would facilitate e-learning and was efficient at issuing certifications. The company recognized the importance of certification, especially in light of the German auditing requirements, where certification is a crucial aspect of the audit process. Therefore, it was imperative for HEW KABEL to find an LMS that provided an easy and effective certification process.

When they came across edloomio, the certification tool offered by the platform caught their attention. The certification tool was a major differentiator for edloomio, as it simplified the certification process, allowing for easy issuance of certificates to learners who have completed a course. The certification tool offered by edloomio enabled them to easily present continuous improvement to auditors, which demonstrated the company’s willingness to improve its learning procedures.

Overall, the certification tool was a crucial factor in HEW KABEL’s decision to choose edloomio as their preferred LMS. They recognized the importance of certification and appreciated the simplicity and effectiveness of the certification tool.

The Results

HEW KABEL recognizes that edloomio has been a valuable addition to their training and certification process. The platform has provided a centralized location for training and has streamlined the certification process, making it easier to comply with audit requirements in Germany.

 The company also appreciates edloomio’s willingness to listen to their feedback and make improvements, indicating a commitment to continuously improving their software.

HEW KABEL believes that as the platform continues to evolve, it has the potential to become an even more effective tool for their organization. In addition, the ability to demonstrate ongoing improvements to auditors has been a significant benefit since it shows dedication to improving our learning procedures.

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