Case Study of Darling Ingredients

Darling Ingredients, a global leader in creating sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredients, faced a challenging problem. They needed a scalable, online e-learning platform to facilitate life-saving training for their employees worldwide. The complexity of the problem grew as the organization noted that many of their food production workers had never used computers and some even faced literacy challenges.

The task was two-fold. First, the company needed to find an e-learning platform that could be rolled out on a global scale, and second, the software had to be intuitive and user-friendly to cater to employees who had never used computers before.

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In their quest for an effective e-learning tool, Darling Ingredients discovered edloomio. Initially, they sought to use the platform for one specific training program. However, they found the software so accommodating and efficient that they decided to broaden its use for various learning purposes across the organization.

Despite the initial challenges of introducing a new digital tool to an audience that had never used computers, the simplicity and intuitive nature of Edloomio soon began to show results. The platform was able to bridge the digital gap, making e-learning accessible to everyone in the organization. For those with literacy difficulties, supportive measures were put in place, including having someone assist them with the content.

Currently, edloomio has been integrated as a Learning Management System (LMS) across all three divisions of Darling Ingredients. The once prevalent and cumbersome Excel sheet approach for training has been relegated to the past, and edloomio has become the mandatory tool for achieving learning goals.

However, as with any global-scale implementation, some branches are still grappling with the full adoption of edloomio. This challenge is continually being addressed, with concerted efforts being put in place to ensure company-wide utilization of the tool.

The cooperation between Darling Ingredients and edloomio has been productive. Edloomio has proven to be a reliable partner, displaying flexibility and a solid price-to-quality ratio. Darling Ingredients’ representatives express confidence in edloomio’s capacity to meet this demand as their partnership progresses.

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