Using edloomio

Do I need special software or hardware to use edloomio? No. Edloomio works on almost all devices and does not require any hardware / server on location. The only requirements are an up-to-date web browser and a stable internet connection. Is there a storage limitation? There is no storage limitation. There is a 500MB per… Continue reading Using edloomio


How can I get answers to my questions? When you are on the edloomio platform the easiest way to get support is by clicking the question icon in the bottom left corner. Here you have the option to search in our support guides and access our community. You can also speak directly with the support… Continue reading Support


How long does it take to set up my edloomio account? You can start within 1 minute. Simply fill in the form here and within a minute you receive your login details of your edloomio account. Next you follow our “Day 1 with edloomio” guide to help you setup your edloomio platform. Will I be… Continue reading Setup

Contract & Pricing

How do the plans work? Our plans limit the available tools and the total number of registered users. You cannot have more users than your account limit. If you suspend (or delete) a user, a slot comes available. What is the contract duration? When you pay monthly by credit card, you are able to cancel… Continue reading Contract & Pricing