The Simple to Use and Uniquely Adaptable Learning Management System

Edloomio is ready to use right out of the box. Our intuitive design makes setting up a new e-learning program easy.

Unlike other learning management systems, edloomio adapts to your needs. Change workflows, reports, and more to fit your business’s unique needs. If you need a new feature, we will add it!

We help companies quickly create the perfect e-learning solution for their employees and customers.

edloomio adaptable lms features

Here are some of the features our customer loves the most about edloomio:

e-learning course builder

Create training easily with edloomio

With our built-in course creator, you can easily create your own digital learning materials without any coding or extra software. Simply drag-and-drop modules to make the perfect course. If you can use email, you can use our course builder.

Your courses can include: video, PowerPoint slides, quizzes, games, SCORM/xAPI and more!

You don’t have to start your course creation from scratch. You can start with any of our professionally designed templates and create your own courses in minutes.

Access 100’s of off-the-shelf e-learning courses

Get instant access to hundreds of courses that are light, accessible and fun.

Our course library cover topics such as:

  • Digital skills
  • Health, safety, and wellbeing
  • Communication and languages
  • Management and teamwork
  • Leadership courses
  • And more!

Ready... Set... Learn Live!

Want more than just a video? Edloomio provides you with a live virtual classroom for real-time online collaboration. Virtual classroom training is fully integrated into the Edloomio platform and can be used for live trainings, brainstorming sessions, meetings, and webinars.

Because the virtual classroom is fully integrated, you can combine elements like quizzes, certifications, and other e-learning modules to create dynamic sessions.

This powerful tool allows instructors and your employees to communicate and collaborate in a safe, COVID-19 proof setting.

lms sell courses

Start your e-learning business

Edloomio allows you to set up your own e-learning business. With our learning management system, you can organize, track, and sell your own digital learning materials. You can provide classroom training, live events, webinars, downloads, and more.

Payment Gateway

We make it easy for you to get paid for your e-learning content. Edloomio integrates with PayPal, Stripe, or invoicing.

compliance training system

Automated Compliance Training

For compliance training to work, you need a reliable, consistent process. You also need timely, accurate reports to document the training.

We help you save time by automating and customizing your compliance training. We empower your employees to take ownership of their own compliance efforts. Our automated compliance training provides:

  • Automatic certification
  • Automated course recompletion
  • Different deadlines for different groups of employees
  • And more!
e-learning knowledgebase

Centralize Knowledge

Our fully-integrated knowledgebase makes it simple for you to keep all of your materials organized. Keep documents, forms, product sheets, and more in a single easy to find place. Your employees will always be able to find the information they need quickly with our easy sort filters and searchable database.

Knowledgebase Widget

Want to make finding information and learning materials even easier? Integrate Edloomio with other platforms using our knowledgebase widget. You will always be just one click away from your LMS.

And a WHOLE Lot More!


Edloomio is designed to easily interface with your other platforms and programs such as HR management tools and CRMs to ensure data is safely and securely exchanged.

Single Sign-On

Edloomio connects with most platforms using a single sign-on. Instead of having to remember an extra username and password, your team has one login to keep track of. Our single sign-on technology makes your data safer and makes Edloomio easier to use.


Our intuitive and adaptable insights and analytics make it easy for you to see at a glance how your employees are doing. You can look at the results of departments, groups, or individual employees. You can even see the results of specific modules or quizzes.

Mobile Learning

Learning can happen anywhere and at any time because courses are optimized for mobile. You can deliver full courses or micro-learning content to your employees or customers through your own branded mobile app. 


We can go on forever… edloomio has +1500 customizable features. Need a new feature? Let us know, and we will add it for you. Edloomio adapts to your needs.