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Easily create Micro Learning

These days, the need to quickly train people in a manner that is speedy, safe, and efficient is more important than ever. Thankfully, technology has arisen that has met the challenge. One such example is micro learning.

There are many benefits of creating this kind of learning, including:

  • You can create highly flexible content that can be changed easily in order to fit the evolving needs of your company.
  • This type of content can be taken anywhere, at home or in the office, and even on a mobile device, thus making it perfect for the COVID-19 stay-at-home economy.
  • If you structure the content and assessments right, they can be fun, interactive, and engaging.

However, despite the rapid advances in technology, some people find this type of content difficult to create. So let me share some hacks to easily create micro learning:

  • Creating micro-videos from a webinar: You can create snippets of videos from a webinar, often making these videos as short or as long as possible. You can do this by repurposing already existing content, or creating a brand new webinar that you then can use for training purposes. This content can then incorporate other forms of micro e-learning.
  • Creating infographics: Infographics have become highly popular and creative ways of developing content that is interesting, engaging, and can meet a variety of needs. You can use infographics so summarize a lesson, introduce new content, or highlight the key points of a training module.
  • Creating audio snippets of a podcast: While visual assistance is obviously very effective, it is not the only option for e-learning. For example, you can take already existing audio content, like a podcast, and inject it into a module.
  • Creating micro-quizzes: No learning module is complete without a way of assessing its effectiveness. That’s why these modules can be so effective: If done correctly, you can intersperse quizzes and assessments at appropriate moments, enabling you to determine whether or not the learning is effective and if the person taking the module fully understands the material.

As you can see, all of the above can be done without a huge budget, technical savvy, or the creation of any sort of new content – all you have to do is repurpose existing content into rapid, bite-sized lessons. The fact that existing content can simply be repurposed can make your work much, much easier.

If you need further help in creating micro learnings, reach out to me on LinkedIn.


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