Edloomio 3.6.1 is HERE!

True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

As edloomio is a bridge that invites its learners to cross over, it always makes sure to improve learners’ experience.

edloomio 3.6.1 update, released in July 2021, is keen to make the learning even more FUN and ENJOYABLE.

Let’s see what’s new.


edloomio believes that training facilities should meet learners’ needs. Thus, with the series of improvements, we are keen to provide the most memorable and meaningful learning experience.  

Unsubscribe course

Now learners have an option to unsubscribe from the courses that they had an interest in before. This helps learners to declutter their learning preferences and take their first step toward acquiring the new skill set.   

Activities settings

We also believe that simplicity eliminates the unnecessary and lets the necessary speak. Thus we pre-folder the description/introduction which now takes less space and allows learners to dive into the essential information.

Face 2 Face Training Session

Learners can be versatile and may have various interests, and as trainers, it is important to support their eagerness. Thus, with our newest update, you can add a user to multiple sessions in a face 2 face activity and allow them to get inspiration from various sources. 

Slow Loading Speed

Previously, it took a long time to view a course for admins and teachers that had 1000+ participants. We believe that the speed should not prevent a large number of students from gaining the knowledge, similarly the teachers from evaluating the progress. Thus, with the new ultimate speed, teachers have an opportunity to allow more employees to gather the skillset from a single course, simultaneously keeping track of the learners’ progress.  

UI problem completion report

When having a lot of activities in a course, learners found it difficult to read the completion report. We have added the option to hide the activities and allow learners to have their interactive learning yet being able to read the completion report effortlessly. 

Support Widget view

In some rare cases, the support widget could partially block a navigation button in a course. Now the support widget is by default hidden and a button is added to the header. When you click this button, the support widget is visible and opened automatically. 


We also believe that learning should be smooth, thus we fixed the bugs to eliminate distraction and incorporate productivity among learners. Here are the bugs that were disinfected. 

Completion Tracking Iomadcertificate Activity

We have discovered a bug with the completion tracking in the iomadcertificate activity. The completion tracking settings were not able to be saved. This bug is resolved and learners will not face any obstacles while saving the completion tracking.

360-degree feedback

There was a bug in the 360-degree feedback form. Some learners could not complete the form. The bug is resolved and users can effortlessly provide their estimation and assist in the better learning experience that they deserve.

Enroll users cohort

When a teacher or a manager enrolls new learners in a course, he only can see learners that are part of his cohorts. This helps managers to have an individual approach to every student and nurture a well-organized and holistic learning experience, simultaneously see the output.  

Problem with Tags and Pagination

Previously users faced difficulties seeing all courses. Some learners experienced problems when searching on a tag category. With our improved tags pagination system now learners can see and find all the necessary courses.  

While learners are in pursuit of gaining knowledge, edloomio is in pursuit of quality assurance. Now with edloomio 3.6.1, your academy is done right!    

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