Edloomio, the modern Learning Management System

The LMS you want - to make L&D work

There are many learning management systems out there. Unfortunately most of them are slow, cumbersome and make learning difficult. We decided to change this. We created a new modern learning management system based on 3 pillars: flexible, automated and integrated. The result? Give it a try and experience edloomio.

Train everyone, everywhere

Training and onboarding must run smoothly to be successful. With edloomio you can create and deploy training easily across your entire organization. No matter who, where and when.

Certify and keep certified

Audit-proof certification that runs fully automated. A dream? With edloomio, it’s a reality. Now you can certify and re-certify your entire workforce and contractors fully automated.

Upskill and reskill fast

The rapid digitalization of our world requires rapid upskilling and reskilling of employees. Luckily edloomio can magically simplify the entire process. And the best part: automated!

Automate L&D work

Save 95% of your time on L&D processes with our unique automation engine. Edloomio takes care of the grunt work, so you’re free to focus on solving real learning challenges .

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With edloomio’s unique design and workflow, you can use the L&D tools when you need to and disable them when you don’t.


Each L&D tool in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.


Automate 95% of L&D processes with our unique automation engine. Edloomio will automatically deliver the right learning at the right time.


Now you’re free to focus on solving real learning challenges while edloomio takes care of the grunt work.

LMS automations
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edloomio LMS integrations


With deep integrations into your existing platforms (Afas, Office365, Salesforce, …), edloomio will not be an isolated island but an integrated part of your colleague’s daily work.