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5 steps to create effective online training for your team.

Every wise manager is familiar with the fact that ongoing learning is one element that makes or breaks a successful company. And to prove this theory, we came across IBM that conducted a study that found that every $1 invested in online training generates around $30 worth of productivity. Besides, effective online training improves employee retention rates by more than 50%.

These numbers bring a legitimate reason to invest your time and money in employee training, or to sound more modern and relevant these days, to train your team online.

In this article, we will share tips on how to create online training for your team and where to start first.

1. Identify your employees’ learning goals.

Before jumping into execution it is important to define where your employees lack in skills and what are their needs. Do your employees need more leadership-based training such as Efficient Meetings, Presentation Skills, Team Management or Customer Service based courses such as Negotiation Process, Sales Skills, etc.? 

Make sure to also consider what additional knowledge you, as an employer, would want your team to get. That might include Health and Safety related courses such as Fire Safety in the Workplace, Mental Health at the Workplace, and Manual Handling or Compliance training such as Data Protection, Workplace Harassment, and Sustainable Workplace

2. Start working on Content Creation 

Now that you know the skills that your employees need to gain, it would be easier to brainstorm content ideas. Determine how interactive you would want your content to be. 

Maybe you would want to make the learning more personalized and incorporate the training methods according to your employees’ personality traits? Or include interactive webinars for extroverted employees and video training for introverted team members that prefer to study alone and at their own pace? The reason why employees nowadays enjoy online learning is flexibility and freedom. Make it even more enjoyable with personalized options.

3. Get an easy-to-use LMS 

Now that you have identified the learning gaps of your employees and created content accordingly. It’s time to choose the right LMS for your organization.  The Learning Management System would allow you to build courses with an existing PowerPoint that you have previously created, as well as add quizzes and gamification to keep your team engaged.

An LMS with a great quality of video and audio works wonders, it also saves a lot of your time and money. Identify your company’s budget. Would you want a high-quality LMS that would cost you a fortune? Or maybe a high-quality LMS yet with an affordable plan? 😉 

Besides top-notch features, as well as affordable pricing, edloomio LMS for example, also offers pre-made courses that make it easier to create effective online learning and are beneficial for employees as well as for HR

Yet, signing up for an LMS is a big commitment thus, make sure that it not only has the crucial features, but the additional perks as well so that it makes your job easier and saves you a lot of time. 

4. Analyze the Training Reports. 

As you are using LMS to train your employees, thankfully you can use its reporting functionality to track your employees’ progress. Tracking employee performance after every online training is important in order to establish the effectiveness of courses.

Make sure that your training focuses on generating reports, course progression, scores, and the completion rates of your users.

5. Get Your Employees Feedback

Getting your employees’ feedback is not only useful in tracking the effectiveness of LMS but also the outcome of the courses created. Make sure to determine whether your employees found the courses useful and what other suggestions they would have for the upcoming ones.   

Long Story Short…

As a smart, secure, and easy-to-use Learning Management System, we helped a significant number of organizations to train their employees, educate their customers, develop talents, create effective online training, and get their academy done right & AWESOME. And if you need to scale up your employees’ performance, provide the most engaging and interactive courses as well as become the most loved manager that truly cares about his employees’ learning and development, it’s such a fortune that we found each other! Book a demo with us and let us get your organization on the track of motivation and prosperity! 

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