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6 reasons why employee training can save fast-growing startups from failing.

Wow, congrats! Now you are one of the fast-growing startups. You have taken every possible step to grow and every possible strategy in order not to fail. You have created a solution for a problem and found your niche. Similarly, you were careful with your spending throughout the journey and hired only the competent staff to your team. 

But once someone loses his weight after an extensive diet and workout, maintaining that weight is another piece of work. Paradoxically, your body does not care how much effort you put into achieving this weight. Once you forget that there is always room for improvement, your fast-growing startup will fail.

In this article, we will highlight how employee training is one of the most crucial ways for maintaining a startup and how it will prevent fast-growing startups from failing.

1) Onboarding new hires get smoother 

As a fast-growing startup, you have so much on your plate. You focus more on your product development and customer service that you forget another crucial detail of your startup’s success factor-onboarding. 

Onboarding is important, it helps new hires to get assimilated to the company’s philosophy and role, making them more committed to the company’s success.

So how exactly can you organize it as a fast-growing startup without abandoning other important tasks? If you are a midsize startup with 100-999 employees then a Learning Management System will be a weight off your shoulders. LMS will help you automate the onboarding of your new hires letting you fully grow and scale your business yet not abandoning your new hires. 

2) Learning brings awareness of the company’s policies and mission.

As a startup owner, you would want your team to be more familiar with the company’s policies and mission, because they bring clarity to the employees regarding their responsibilities. Similarly, they help to set standards for employees and hold all employees accountable for their behavior.

A high-quality Learning Management System that provides an effective compliance training program is what can help you to buy extra time for maintaining your startup yet educating your employees.

3) Learning activates the work happiness of your employees

When employees feel a sense of accomplishment, it affects their well-being in a positive way. Learning helps them to stay curious and engaged as well as exposes them to new ideas. It also makes them feel precious and important due to the company heavily investing in them and caring about their education.

Moreover, it is a great return on investment for your fast-growing startup, as every 1$ invested in employee training generates about 30$ worth of productivity and increases employee retention rate by 50%.

4) Training reduces excessive supervision

As some employees, at times, feel demotivated to perform their tasks, managers assume that extra supervision might improve the outcome. In reality, decreased supervision boosts employee motivation.

And as your startup scales and grows, time becomes even more precious and excessive supervision might not be the ideal task to focus on. Applying online training programs helps employers to reduce excessive supervision by automating it.

This will help you to kill two birds with one stone. Your employees will stay happy and motivated and your startup will focus on growing and scaling further.

5) Training allows promoting from within

As a fast-growing startup owner, you know how time-consuming it is to hire someone trusted, qualified and professional. And it gets way clearer and easier when you have a chance to promote someone from within.

In order to promote someone from within you need to make sure that this employee has gathered enough expertise and is ready to undertake a new position. The training program allows your employees to gather the needed skill set, be evaluated as well as make what ure that this particular employee is ready for the promotion.

6) Training improves customer valuation

In a startup world, you always have to be on-trend and keep your product/services updated in order to remain competitive and receive positive customer feedback. Even though the effect of training your employees on customers’ valuation seems a little bit far-fetched, here is why it plays a huge role in it.

Once your employees have exposure to consistent training, it makes them more professional, competent, productive, and organized, which helps them to perform better. Customers feel the better and upgraded services and will have a way better opinion about your organization.

Long Story Short…

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Author: Bakhti Mizhgon


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