Employees in Dutch SMEs can get life long learning almost for free

With the SLIM subsidy, the Dutch government wants to encourage Dutch SMEs to set up lifelong learning for their staff. Annually, around € 48 million will be allocated for this subsidy. Every SME based in the Netherlands can submit the grant application. In addition to SMEs, larger companies can also participate. The maximum subsidy amount for SMEs is just under € 25,000. For collaborative ventures from multiple organizations (eg branch organizations), the subsidy can amount to as much as € 500,000.

Which projects are covered by the grant?

The subsidy can be used for an educational work environment. Consider setting up a company academy. This is already possible with the help of an online learning platform such as edloomio in which employees can increase their knowledge and skills. For example, they are actively involved in lifelong learning.

Be quick!

The SLIM subsidy can be applied for from 2 March to 31 March 2020.

Apply for the SLIM subsidy? We are happy to help you!