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Enhancing Workflows: edloomio Meets Microsoft Teams

Too often, the hustle of the workday leaves little room for learning. However, promoting a learning culture is beneficial both for individuals and the organization. It’s revealed that employees who engage in learning activities are 47% less stressed and feel 39% more productive.

So, how can we bridge the gap?

The trick lies in eradicating the boundary between work and learning, by introducing a frictionless learning experience.

Smooth Sailing into Continuous Learning

It’s common knowledge that multitasking can hinder productivity. Shifting focus between tasks leaves a residue of distraction. This implies that urging employees to switch to a learning platform amidst a hectic workday could be counterproductive.

Ideally, learning should complement work, not compete with it. The key is to integrate them seamlessly.

Here’s what integrated learning can resemble:

  • Guided Onboarding: Applications often offer a ‘tour’ upon first use, spotlighting crucial features. This concept could be extended to a work environment. New employees could be guided through essential platforms and tools, sparing the seasoned ones who might already be familiar with them.
  • Learning on Demand: Incorporating built-in learning tools within the software employees use daily could allow for instant troubleshooting and learning, without the need to switch contexts.
  • Holistic Integration: By melding the entire learning platform with work tools, like Microsoft Teams, employees can effortlessly search, access, and share learning materials. This isn’t confined to platform-specific learning but encompasses all learning content.

Introducing edloomio for Microsoft Teams

Edloomio now merges with Microsoft Teams, embedding a rich learning environment right within your familiar workspace.

With edloomio for Microsoft Teams, learners can access all training materials directly through Teams, equipped with a personalized training dashboard, social interaction features, and extensive sharing options across chats and channels. This setup minimizes distractions and amplifies productivity, allowing learning to flow naturally during the workday.

Just as you can browse social media while waiting in line, it’s time to weave learning effortlessly into the work time.

This integration not only enhances the learning experience but also extends the reach to a broader audience, fulfilling their training needs effortlessly.

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