Enter self-serve learning, create a knowledge base.

It’s a constant struggle to deliver amazing learning and development to your colleagues. When you’re buried in work, and you hear the same questions over and over again, it can feel incredibly frustrating.

You may think, “How can I scale our learning and development? How can I help more colleagues in less time?”

Enter self-serve learning, create a knowledge base.

A knowledge base is a library of information about your products, processes or services. It helps colleagues find answers to solve problems on their own and — if you do it right — a good knowledge base can scale out your learning and development program while improving the overall learning experience.

Putting your knowledge base in your company’s drive (SharePoint for example) is almost the same as putting it in a closet in the maintenance room and sending everybody a one time email so they know it is there. It will be lost forever.

Edloomio solves this problem by making an easy to use knowledge base in the one place where all the learning magic happens! Quickly create articles, add attachments (downloads) and organize them in categories.

Want to see the knowledge base in action? Request a live demo and we’ll be happy to demonstrate the knowledge base feature of edloomio.

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