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No more switching between systems. The edloomio LMS combines learning management, course authoring, and skills development in a single platform.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is quickly becoming mainstream as we all discover how much time it can save. Integrated into our software, AI revolutionizes learning management.


Software is about saving time. Edloomio is built around this concept, offering a powerful solution to automate your learning management processes.


At edloomio, we place the highest importance on security – in our software development, data protection, and all the functions our customers use.


Edloomio becomes the central hub for learning, so it's essential that it seamlessly connects with third-party systems for data synchronization.

Latest version: 4.8

Released May 2024

New Features
PowerPoint to SCORM
Insights Dashboard
AI Page Builder
Sign Off Course Module

Major Improvements
Automatic notification when a new face-to-face slot is available on the waiting list.
Better certificate issuing
Enhanced user management filters
Admin menu reorganization


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We empower companies globally to invest more in their employees, leading to safer, more efficient, and happier work environments.

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