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Everybody in your food chain needs to be well aware about food safety. One error can have catastrophic results such as cross contamination causing massive callbacks. To help you prevent this, we’ve created this short free micro course to refresh the awareness of everybody in your food chain.

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free food defense micro course

Short and Effective

To refress the awareness amongst the people working in your food chain, you need to recap the “why”. This free micro course is designed to take only a couple of minutes but is highly effective in learning the “why” in food defense.

Smart Design

In this course, the learner will need to complete several tasks and answer questions. This way, the attention of the learner is increased automatically causing a higher rate of learning effectiveness.

Free food defense scorm micro course
Free food defense scorm micro course LMS

Use in Your LMS

You can download the free Food Defense Micro Course in a SCORM1.2 format. This format is compatible with almost all modern learning management systems (LMS).


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