How to be a Strong & Effective Leader While Managing A Team Virtually

As more businesses and corporations around the world opt to have their employees work remotely, it’s becoming even more challenging to manage the day-to-day expectations and productivity that once was a no-brainer in the workplace.

Now with added distractions, flexible working hours and teams being scattered throughout multiple locations, managers are expected to buckle down and create a seamless, virtual working environment that appeals to each person on the team. Easy, right?

Although it’s a big task, there are a number of ways a person can still be an effective leader even in the most turbulent times. Here’s just a few:


Clearly Define Tasks & Daily Work Expectations

Each team member has a different routine and process that allows them to get their work done quickly and effectively. By setting daily work expectations and clearly defining the task at hand, a strong leader is able to delegate those smaller projects while allowing the employee to feel like they still have some control in how the work is completed. This results in an overall workflow that’s efficient, effective and fair to all parties.


Establish Streamlined Communication Tools

With so many communications tools out there from What’s App to Slack and everything in between, there’s no shortage of ways to connect an entire team no matter where they may be located. Finding a communication system is paramount to the success of working virtually. So, leaders want to find a platform that’s user friendly, available via an app or desktop platform, and has a strong and responsive customer support system in case any issues arise.


Schedule Regular Meetings

Just like you would in an office, regular check-ins are still so important as leaders need to stay abreast of any challenges, successes, upcoming milestones, and internal conflicts the team may be facing. Setting a weekly roundtable can help the team stay connected while allowing the manager to answer questions in a group setting. This is what we call a win-win.


Provide Positive Reinforcements & Encouragement

While the team may seem fine on your weekly check-in, the stresses of working remotely can take a significant toll on a person. As a leader, it’s important to find ways to still reward and encourage the team through positive reinforcements and encouragement. Whether it’s sending a group email to celebrate an individual’s success or sending e-gift cards to say thanks for the hard work, these little acknowledgements are what will keep the team in high spirits.


Be Available

Just like in the office, an effective leader should still keep an “open-door” policy virtually. From answering questions for a team member who may’ve been too embarrassed to ask in front of their colleagues to still conducting one-on-one performance reviews, this is the best way to show the team you’re still present and support the hard work they’re doing.

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