HR Help Desk Software

Provide Fast, Effective HR Support

HR professionals are often busy with day-to-day repetitive employee questions. We’ll help you to solve this problem by creating a centralized HR Help Desk.

A Centralized HR Help Desk

Nowadays, employees want instant answers and online interactions similar to those they have in their private lives. Edloomio offers a centralized HR help desk, an essential tool in the move to employee self-service. It also lets HR professionals focus their attention on more mission-critical tasks like recruitment, employee engagement and retention.

Self Service Wiki

Publish policies, documents, checklists and all other HR materials in a centralized HR Help Desk so employees can access them 24/7.

Streamline Questions

Have employees ask questions and make requests right from within the HR Help Desk. 

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edloomio LMS integrations


With deep integrations into your existing platforms (Afas, Office365, Salesforce, …), your HR Help Desk will not be an isolated island but an integrated part of your colleague’s daily work.