How to implement edloomio step-by-step

Implementation Kick-Off

As soon as you have chosen edloomio, your Customer Success Manager will contact you shortly and support you in implementing your company structure and processes in edloomio in the best possible way.


As edloomio is extremely flexible and adaptable, thus quite extensive, and we aim for an uncomplicated setup for you, your Customer Success Manager will provide you with all information about the single features in regular meetings, via e-mail or in our webinars.


  • Step 1: Organize your Team and Channels

    Assign roles and tasks to your team members so everyone has a clear picture of how they can contribute to the platform’s success. Your audience will have questions so make sure they know who and how to contact.

  • Step 2: Organize your Learning Materials

    Gather and review the learning materials (courses, manuals, etc) you have. In order to achieve success, you need to make sure your content’s organization is on par with your audiences’ needs.

  • Step 3: Set a timeline

    Set a project timeline that works for everyone involved. One way to do this is by working backward from your desired launch date. Keep that date in mind while also thinking through and outlining every major milestone you’ll need to achieve to meet your deadline – and then assign your milestones with a deadline.

  • Step 4: Train your Team

    Edloomio is a powerful tool if people know how to use it. So, it’s important to ensure your team knows how to access and use the platform before letting them loose.

    Start by briefing them on how to login and navigate the system. Also double-check to make sure they understand their role in running it to help develop their team members.

  • Step 5: Setup your learning materials

    At this point, you’re ready for the learning materials itself – which can be integrated in a couple of different ways.


    First, you can import your existing learning materials directly into your platform to get up and running faster. The built-in course builder enables you to upload all of your course’s video, audio, and PDF lessons with a simple drag and drop. On an Enterprise plan, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can advise on custom migration as well.


    Or, you can develop your learning materials from scratch. If you’re taking this route, we suggest starting with a content outline and integrating the engaging capabilities edloomio offers – such as quizzes, interactive videos, and much more. But remember, this process can take time, so make sure to reserve a realistic amount of time dedication in your timeline.


    Also we can help. On an hourly basis, you can hire one of our e-learning designers to create your learning materials. Fast and professional.

  • Step 6: Prepare the Communication

    You’re getting close to the launch date. Exciting! Now you need to think about how you’re going to communicate with your audience about the platform, the learning materials and all the goodness it will bring.

    It’s tempting to send a bulk email to everyone in your organization. But we advise a more effective approach. Edloomio has multiple built-in marketing tools to support you. Think personalized newsletters, landing pages and more.


And it’s out there! Congratulations!!! Your first users are logging in and starting to learn. Time to celebrate but the work doesn’t stop yet.

  • Step 7: Monitor Platform Usage

    Digging into your platform’s reports and analytics can tell you all kinds of stories, such as:


    Who is using your system
    How often they are using it
    Which courses are most popular
    How your users are progressing within individual courses
    Where you can make improvements


    There’s much more to uncover with data and analytics, but at the heart of it, it can also tell you how successful your implementation was and how you can improve future iterations of it.

  • Step 8: Ask for feedback

    While this may be the last step in your implementation project plan, it’s arguably the most important for the ongoing success of your system and online learning program. Getting direct feedback from your system’s users will help you understand exactly what’s working, what’s not, and where you can make improvements.

    No need for external survey software, edloomio has a built-in survey tool.


What’s next? Our support team is available between 9 am and 5 pm at for technical and procedural questions.

Regardless of your support requests, we will get in contact with you periodically to review the settings of your account. Through our account review program, we want to make sure you get the most out of your account.

Much success with edloomio! We look forward to working with you.