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Carry out inspections, flag issues, and resolve problems fast

Smart Inspection Management

Easily conduct inspections. Does an inspection capture a red flag? You can instantly notify stakeholders to resolve the problem, and even more important, train your team to prevent the problem from happening again.

Inspection form

Ditch your paper or Excel forms

Convert your paper or Excel forms into smart online inspection forms and make your inspections quicker and easier. Create from scratch or use our templates.

Get the information you need

Set different response types including multiple choice, text answers, checkboxes, and more. Include instructions to ensure your team knows what to look out for.

Inspection form builder
learn from mistakes via inspections

Learn from mistakes

Learn from mistakes and train your teams in the same platform you conduct inspections. This way, your teams quickly get the new knowledge they need to be safe and compliant.

Unite safety & learning in edloomio