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Explore Our Comprehensive LMS Features Checklist

Welcome to our features checklist page! Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the top features to help you understand the full range of capabilities that our Safety & Learning Management System has to offer.

Our feature checklist page is organized into categories, making it easy for you to find the features that are most relevant to your needs. You can explore each category in-depth, or simply browse through the list to get a sense of what our LMS can do.

Course Management

Course creation and management
Resource and activity management
Course format customization
Course completion tracking
Course backup and restore
Course templates
Course duplication
Course reminders
Activity reminders
Course import and export
SCORM Compatible
LTI Compatible

User Management

User account creation and management
User profile customization
User role and permissions management
User authentication and enrollment
Customizable roles and permissions

Team Management

Team creation and management
Team synchronization with external systems
Team enrollment management
Team grouping and group management
Team collaboration tools
Team messaging and communication tools
Team assessment and grading tools
Team progress tracking and reporting
Team access restrictions and permissions
Team role and permission management
Team analytics and reporting
Team search and filtering options
Team notifications and reminders
Team documentation
Team chat and messaging tools
Team announcements and updates.

Content Management

HTML editor
File Repository
Multimedia integration
External resource linking
Support for multiple content types
Learning object repository integration


Customizable logo
Customizable header color
Customizable link color
Customizable text color
Customizable text font (coming soon)

Collaborative Tools

Web conferencing
Collaborative assignments
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Whiteboard sharing
Video sharing
Audio sharing
Slide sharing
Screen sharing
Webinar integration
Online discussion

Course Creation

Course creation wizard
Customizable course categories and subcategories
Customizable course templates
Activity creation
Course duplication and backup
Course preview mode

Course import and export
Course enrollment settings
Course start and end dates
Course visibility settings
Course summary and description
Course grading and assessment settings
Course completion settings

Course prerequisites and dependencies
Course access restrictions
Course sections
Course display options
Course banner customization
Course permission settings
Course access codes

Course completion tracking
Course schedule and calendar integration
Course tags
Course analytics and reporting
Course version control
Course locking and unlocking

Course deadline
Course notification settings
Course chat and messaging tools
Course announcements and updates.

Assessment and Grading

Grading tools
Online grading and feedback
Conditional activities
Activity completion tracking
Survey tools
Automated assessments
Feedback and grading tools
Attendance tracking

Reporting and Analytics

Progress tracking
Participation tracking
Achievement tracking
Customizable reports
Learning analytics
Learner engagement analytics
Course progress tracking
Student progress tracking
Participation reports
Achievement reports
Skill reports
Assessment and quiz reports
Attendance reports
Activity completion reports
Customizable reporting
Automated report generation
Scheduled report delivery
Report filtering and sorting options
Export reports to Excel file format
Role-based access to reports

User Friendly

Minimalistic Design
Intuitive layout
Multilingual interface
Mobile app
Responsive design


ISO27001 Certified
ISO9001 Certified
Secure login and authentication
Role-based access control
Secure data storage
Regular security updates
Access restriction


Data Deletion
Privacy Policy
Data Retention
User Data Access
User Data Portability
Data Breach Notification
Cookie Consent
Privacy Settings
GDPR Compliance
User Consent
User Data Protection
Privacy by Design
Privacy Impact Assessments


GDPR Compliance
User authentication
Password policies
Multi-factor authentication)
Role-based access control
Data deletion
Data access requests
Audit logging
Compliance reporting and analytics
Automated notifications for policy violations
Secure data storage and transmission
Backup and recovery tools
Access control and restriction tools
Support for content standards
HIPAA. FERPA Compliance
Support for customizable privacy policies
User notification and consent mechanisms
System administration tools and security measures.