Learning Experience Platform for businesses who *get it*.

Ditch your outdated learning platform and build amazing learning experiences in a modern LXP (Learning Experience Platform). Personalized, interactive and social. Some call it the evolution of learning, we call it learning magic. ✨

Knowledge sharing and social learning.

Just saw a great video about leadership on YouTube? Easily share it with your colleagues and start a discussion about it.

Edloomio enables your organisation to share knowledge between employees to stimulate social learning. No extra tools needed.

Learning Journeys.

Your onboarding on the start of your new job, the road to promotion, all requires to have a great learning experience.

Edloomio enables you to create automated learning journeys that will not only engage employees in great learning experiences, but will also save you a lot of time.

Gamified learning.

Who is the top learner in your department? Maybe it’s you? If not, start learning and rise to the top!

Edloomio enables to stimulate learning competition in your organisation with completion points and a leaderboard.

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