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5 mental health tips as a remote worker.

Due to the rise of COVID-19, employees had to switch to a safe working environment, such as “Work From Home”. 

As companies see huge benefits in terms of employee effectiveness, lower operation cost, reduced employee commuting, as well as talent recruiting across the globe, more companies are considering remote working as a permanent solution.

While there is always another side of the coin, an article published by Forbes indicates that among 1000 American respondents, 45% say they feel less healthy mentally while working from home.

Here are some of the challenges that employees face while working from home and some advice on taking care of their mental health.

  • Improve your time management.

Even though the most appealing fact of working from home is choosing your own hours, it’s suggested to stick to the schedule in order to take better care of your mental health, avoid long hours, and have a proper work & life balance.  

  • Consider coworking spaces.

Most of the employees struggle to socialize thus they feel lonely while working remotely. Coworking spaces can be a good option to do some networking,  change the environment as well as make some friendships.

  • Prioritize Breaks.

It is common to ditch break times while working from home due to the high motivation of getting things done or the assumption that the time is limited. However, studies show that having breaks in between activities influences one’s well-being and productivity. Thus, it’s coffee time! 

  • Stay away from distractions.  

Either it’s a cat video on 9gag or another episode of Big Bang Theory, it is best to leave it for dessert. Distractions like that prolong work hours and make you too overwhelmed to stay focused. 

  • Stay disconnected.

All the work emails from colleagues during non-working hours make your life full of work. To avoid that, it is advised, to put all your related emails and chats on your laptop, and not install them on your phone.

It might be challenging for employers to develop better channels of communication with remote workers, regarding their mental health but with the right guidance, employees can overcome their difficulties independently. Thus, make sure to check out the step-by-step guidance of Mental Health: Remote Work at edloomio content library and get the best outcomes for your employees. 

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