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We help businesses in the 5 key areas of talent management: recruiting, onboarding, learning, compliance, and skills.

Create, distribute, and monetize courses with edcoursio, the AI-Powered Course Management System.

edcoursio training management system

Make knowledge accessible, with edknowio, the AI-Powered Knowledge Base system for HR and L&D.

edknowio knowledge base system

Hi, wij zijn edloomio!

With our solutions, clients worldwide can invest more in their employees, resulting in better, safer, and happier work environments.

Edloomio was born in December 2019. Our co-founder and CEO, Johan Kenzeler, had a vision of changing the way businesses train and certify their workforce. For Johan, it was all about making training short, engaging, and automated. Together with Peter, Ruud, and Bjorn, the edloomio founder’s team started building next-generation software solutions.

In the first 2 years, we heavily invested in developing the systems based on our vision and the feedback of our initial clients. This resulted in amazing systems that really make a difference.

In October 2022, we successfully secured the first funding round which allowed us to expand our team and invest in growing our company’s reach.

Vandaag de dag zijn we een internationaal team, werken we vanuit verschillende plaatsen in de wereld, en voegen we constant nieuwe talenten toe aan ons team.

Ons hoofdkantoor is gevestigd in Sittard, Nederland.

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