Service Bundle Hour


For our customers we offer a new flexible solution to hire us for our services. A service bundle contains a number of hours that you can use for the development of e-learning modules, animations, software, applications, etc. In addition to development, you can also use these hours for advice or consultancy.



How Does A Service Bundle Work?

You purchase hours in advance and these are stamped as soon as the consultant / developer has cooperated. You can always see an overview of the hours spent and remaining hours on our website when logged in.

The Advantages

  • Ad hoc support from one of our available consultants / developers
  • No paperwork with order confirmations
  • Always insight into the remaining hours


If we complete a task with fewer hours, the remaining hours can be used for other projects. The hours remain valid for 24 months. If more hours are needed to complete this project, we will notify in advance.

Travel expenses (if applicable) are not included. These are billed afterwards. Please contact us for applicable rates.

Our general terms and conditions apply after agreement.