The Adaptable Learning Platform

Train your workforce and reduce costs with a learning platform that adapts to the unique needs of your business. Meet PrimeLight.

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PrimeLight is an open-source learning platform that will adapt to your business needs. Easily extend when needed.

Uniquely Adaptable

Stop the search for a learning management system that suits your needs. Save yourself countless hours of searching, comparing, demonstrations, conversations and thinking. Meet PrimeLight.

PrimeLight adapts to your wishes. Out-of-the box, PrimeLight is a great learning platform. Then it adapts completely to your wishes. Reports, workflows, functionalities, you decide. PrimeLight adapts.

Open Source

And as the icing on the cake, PrimeLight is open source. You own and remain the owner of the entire platform. Enjoy the freedom.

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Connect & Exchange Data

Your company will undoubtedly have various platforms. Switching between these platforms can take a lot of time. That is why it is important to exchange the correct data between the platform.

PrimeLight easily creates a secure connection with numerous platforms and is happy to exchange the desired data. For example, the completion data of employees in your HR platform or your training data in your CRM platform.

Single Sign On

Do you like to log in? Forgot your password? Don’t worry, PrimeLight connects to most platforms with a Single Sign One. As a result, your employees only have to log in to 1 platform and they are automatically logged in to the other platform. Fast, safe and easy.

Do it all with just one

Learning Platform

Compliance Training
Knowledge Base
360 Feedback

Why PrimeLight

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Make learning personal

Easily track performance of each employee as they gain knowledge and learn new skills. Setup personalized goals and identify the talent in your organization.

Make learning continuous

Build knowledge progressively through a sequenced, structured training path. Use these training paths to push employees towards higher engagement, performance, and results.

Make learning automated

Automate the scheduling of communications so employees receive invitations to new courses or reminders to complete their training.

All your L&D needs in one place

Bring your employees training data, communication channels, and insights together so you can reach your L&D goals faster. With PrimeLight, you can grow employee training with engaging courses, social learning, training paths, mobile learning, and more — all from a single platform.

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Our happy clients put it best

We’ve been using edloomio since 2014. The edloomio teams listens good to our feedback and we can see how the platform continuously improves.

Very innovative and user-friendly tools to enable customers. The edloomio team support team is easy to work with and allows easy roll-out of their tools. The continuous development of the tools is impressive.

We have updated our Moodle platform with edloomio and we love it. It’s far more user friendly and the support is great.

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