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Safety Management

HSE and L&D unified

Incident reporting, inspections, LMRA, toolbox talks, e-learning, onboarding, … all in one single platform, powered by automation and AI.

Simplified incident reporting

Filling out a paper report for an incident can take hours or even days, and you might forget important details by then. Quick action is key to figuring out what went wrong and fixing it. Our simplified incident reporting helps you log and look into incidents without wasting time.

Inspection form
Create online inspections

Easy online inspections

Easily conduct online inspections. Does an inspection capture a red flag? You can instantly notify stakeholders to resolve the problem, and even more important, train your team to prevent the problem from happening again.

Online Last Minute Risk Analyses

A Last Minute Risk Analysis is much more than a simple checklist. They are important steps to take to prevent accidents from happening. Have your frontline workers use a LMRA solution that really creates awareness.

LMRA team
Manage toolbox meetings online

Smart Toolbox Meetings

According to Associated Builders and Contractors, total recordable incidents dropped 78 percent with the companies that held weekly toolbox meetings versus the ones that held them monthly. Edloomio enables you to manage all your toolbox meetings fast and easily. Quickly complete attendance records for each toolbox meeting with a single press of a button.

Audit-ready Compliance Reporting

If training isn’t documented, did it happen? For an auditor, the answer is a simple “no.” Automate your recordkeeping of training and certification for 24/7 audit readiness with edloomio.

Training matrix report compliance

No more training gaps

Edloomio tracks the validity of certifications and automatically alerts supervisors and employees when training is about to expire. This way, you can keep the entire team’s safety training up to date without manually reviewing spreadsheets.

Create safety training in minutes

Create your own safety training courses from scratch with our AI-powered course builder. Upload SCORM files, PDFs, and your PowerPoint presentations to quickly turn documents and processes into engaging learning.

PPE Basics e-learning
Ai course creation


We use smart technology to help you make better decisions. Our AI tools assist you in creating courses and making sure that no training gaps happen.

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