Automate skills management of your workforce

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Faster Skills Management

The world is rapidly digitalizing and employees need to learn new skills to adapt. Facilitate continuous learning by providing training that expands an employee’s abilities and minimizes skill gaps.

Edloomio can help you automate your skills management saving you up to 75% time in comparison with traditional manual methods.

With edloomio, your workforce will rapidly upskill or reskill, giving your business a competitive advantage.

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Upskill and reskill your workforce, automatically

Upskilling and reskilling your workforce and remaining compliant can be daunting. Forget those complex, cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. Edloomio visualizes the skills map of your workforce and automatically keeps track of gaps.

Workflow Automations

Automate your entire upskilling training and certification process with our unique automation engine.

Expert Search

Search for skilled people in your organization based on skills or qualifications.

Automated Notifications

When people are at risk of missing a deadline, edloomio will automatically notify them, including their supervisors.

Workforce Management

Workers, supervisors, contractors, managers, and interns, have everyone's skills and certifications in one place.

Certify and avoid non-compliance, automatically

Continuously keep track of all skills and certifications to forecast and foresee expired certifications. When the expiration of certification looms, edloomio takes action and notifies the employees including their supervisors.

Auto Issue Certificates

Certificates are automatically issued and stored after course completion. Including all required data your compliance requires.

Authentic Certificates

Create authentic certificates with custom data and your own branding. Each certificate is issued in a downloadable PDF format.

Validity Tracking

Automatically keep track of the validity of a certificate and notify on time to make sure everyone remains certified.

External Certification

Upload externally issued certificates in the employee's profile and store all certificates in one centralized place.

Skills reporting, automatically

See at a glance the skills of an individual, a team, or simply everyone. Each report can be customized on the go. Simply select the data fields you want to include and download the report in an Excel file or automate the reporting with custom time intervals and recipients. For example, a team skills report in your team’s inbox every Friday.

Instant Reporting

In a few seconds, you generate a report with detailed training results of an individual, a team, or simply everyone.

Automated Reporting

Automate reporting with custom time intervals and recipients. For example, a detailed course completion report in your inbox every Friday.

Customizable Reporting

Customize every report on the go. Simply select the data fields you want to include and download the report in an Excel file.

Enterprise Reporting

Keep your large and complex organizational structure manageable with automatically separated team training data.

HQ in Tilburg, Netherlands | ~ 12,000 employees

As an international meat producer with production locations in the Netherlands and Germany and sales offices worldwide, the Vion Food Group is required to have a qualified workforce across its entire food chain.

With the help of edloomio, they are able to run management trainee and upskilling programs more effectively.

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Customer success manager, live chat, manuals, and templates, we know that great support makes the difference. We are here to help you.

Enterprise-level Security

The security of your data is very important to us. That is why we invest in the best possible security measures to keep your data safe.


With deep integrations into your existing systems, edloomio will not be an isolated island but an integrated part of your daily work.

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