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Skills Management System

Easy Upskilling

Upskill your workforce with our easy-to-use Skills Management system. Attach the right skills to a position, and let our system guide your employees with tailored course recommendations.

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Position-based Skills

With our Skills Management feature, you can quickly link the skills a job needs. Whether it’s a tech role or a managerial one, get it set up in a few clicks.

Skill-based Course Recommendations

Every employee is unique, and so are their learning needs. Our system checks the skill level of each employee. If they need to learn more, we’ll suggest courses that fit them best. No more guessing what courses to take.

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Grow Your Team's Capabilities

Improving skills is a continuous journey. With our Skills Management tool, you can make sure your team always meets the skill requirements of their roles. As they learn and grow, your business does too.

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