Talent Management System.

The right talent at the right position will make a world of difference. Edloomio will help you find and manage the talents in your organisation.

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Hire the Right Talent.

Easily create a job posting. Include text, images, videos and more. Once completed, you can share the job listing with the world or keep it private for employees only.

Challenge job applicants with interactivities, games, quizzes, assignments, assessments or whatever you want. In a second you will see who are the best-fit candidates for the job.

Ready for the next step? Invite the best-fit candidates for an interview. Online or offline.

Set Personal Goals.

Set personal goals for individuals that show a spark of potential talent. Review goal completions in a person’s profile and discover hidden talents.

talent management

Meaningful and Efficient Evaluations.

From onboarding conversations to performance reviews, edloomio lets you easily create and schedule evaluations.

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