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Better priced for more

talentlms alternative pricing

TalentLMS has a free plan. But it limits you to 5 users and 10 courses. So in reality, this is for testing only. When you upgrade to a bigger plan, edloomio quickly becomes a better alternative.

Example: 250 users

TalentLMS costs $279/month.

Edloomio costs $149/month.

Better looking

talentlms alternative admin

TalentLMS has an outdated look and feel, making it hard to manage.  You will constantly need to switch between the Admin/Instructor/Learner user types. It’s a different experience for each, and the dashboard changes drastically. It’s cumbersome when setting up courses or performing administrative tasks.

Edloomio has a modern minimalistic design. We continuously invest in optimizing the UI (user interface) to improve the UX (user experience). The result is a modern and easy-to-use platform that is very intuitive.

Better support

talentlms alternative support

TalentLMS has an extensive knowledge base but they only provide email support. One of the most dislikes when reading the reviews of TalentLMS is the waiting time after you submit a support ticket. It can even take up to a week with exchanging many emails to resolve a simple issue.

Edloomio offers live chat support for all clients. No matter what plan you have. Our support team is quick to answer all your questions.

Ready to switch from TalentLMS?

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