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The main reason your LMS is failing you

Learning Management Systems (LMS), when done right, can be a huge blessing. They can allow you to centralize all of your training material and design curriculum and educational options for your employees that can be taken anytime, anywhere. Learning Management Systems have become hugely important in the past few years, but even more so in the aftermath of COVID-19, which has seen more and more people forced to work from home or take on other job responsibilities. 


Unfortunately, many Learning Management Systems fail to meet their full potential. This is for many reasons, including:


  • Far too many Learning Management Systems are hard to use, requiring extensive training before you can even begin training!
  • Limited reporting options that make it difficult for trainees to understand what they are doing and administrators to fully grasp how their employees are performing or learning.
  • Far too many LMS are not mobile-friendly, eliminating a large portion of the workforce from being able to properly utilize it.
  • Many Learning Management Systems fail to have enough custom options, thus ensuring that these systems are not adaptable enough to meet your needs.

While Learning Management Systems often come in a variety of flavors and styles, there are some things that all systems should have. They should be easy to use, come with an array of reporting options, be mobile-friendly, have extensive custom options, and be adaptable enough to ensure that an employer can customize them in any circumstance.


Thankfully, there are systems available that meet all of these needs. Our LMS is one such example. This system comes with many benefits, and chief among those is its adaptability and customization. We recognize that all businesses are different and have different needs that must be met. As such, you can alter the edloomio to better achieve your training goals.


Furthermore, edloomio can be extended to cover a variety of areas. Onboarding and compliance training are two of the most obvious options, and edloomio can help you manage these areas with ease. However, edloomio can also do so much more. It can be your one-stop shop when it comes to building an employee training knowledge base. You can use it to set goals and create a 360-degree feedback portal for your employees. It can be used to create surveys and actively solicit feedback from people who take the training. It is mobile friendly and comes with a variety of options. You can also use it to deliver insights on the training programs offered, including how trainees are performing, quiz results, overall progression, and more. 


The greatest benefit of the edloomio is that you can arrange the system to best meet your needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a solution built just for you and your business.