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The Top 10 HR Tools for HR Professionals in Germany in 2023

Hello, fellow HR professionals! We all know that the HR world is full of exciting challenges, and thankfully, there are some innovative HR tools out there that can make our lives easier. Here, we’ve gathered the top 10 HR tools in Germany in 2023, ready to help you streamline your processes, enhance productivity, and drive engagement. Let’s dive in!

Top 3

Personio: Taking the lead is the all-in-one HR tool, Personio. Known as the “People Operating System,” Personio is there at every step of your HR journey. From recruitment to offboarding, it’s got your back. It’s designed to save up to 60 hours each month by optimizing your processes and making your team more productive​​.

Edloomio: These are your go-to L&D tools for the L&D phases in the employee lifecycle: onboarding, learning, compliance, and Skills. Edloomio puts these processes on autopilot, leading to faster training, quicker onboarding, and more efficient skill management. It can save you precious time and help avoid errors​​.

Staffbase: This Chemnitz-based employee engagement platform is a unicorn in the HR tech world. Staffbase boasts an impressive client roster including Adidas, Hitachi, and Ikea. It offers internal communication tools, employee apps, and even integrates with Microsoft 365, helping you improve HR and financial metrics​.

Runner ups

WorkMotion: Based in Berlin, WorkMotion is tackling the reality of a difficult labor market. This platform helps you manage hiring, onboarding, and international employees’ management. It’s especially great for companies hiring abroad, as it creates locally and internationally compliant contracts​.

HeyJobs: An AI-enabled talent acquisition tool that matches individual job seekers with companies that can specifically deliver their needs, moving beyond simple skills-to-role methods. In 2021, HeyJobs was responsible for 1% of all German hires.

Lano: They offer hiring and payroll solutions that allow clients to hire outside their own country more easily. They also offer visa management and general payroll services, keeping compliance at the forefront​​.

MEDWING: This startup is committed to tackling the shortfall in the healthcare sector. They offer recruitment services, job matching, communication technology, and a consultation service to match potential hires with jobs that suit their lifestyle​​.

HeavenHR: This is a comprehensive HR management platform that covers everything from recruiting, onboarding, offboarding services to payroll and scheduling. It simplifies HR processes, making operations modern and transparent​.

Workwise: Aims to improve digital recruitment outcomes through better job matching and consultation services. It has already helped 3,000 customers make their digital hiring easier.

Hrmony: Specializes in digitalizing employee allowances and benefits, which allows employers to save taxes based on meal subsidies they give workers. It can boost employee relations, branding, and tech stack integration​.

And there you have it! These HR tools are designed to make your HR life easier, more productive, and ultimately, more successful. Stay tuned for our top 10 HR tools in the Netherlands. Happy hiring!

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