Top 4 Learning Management Systems From The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a prime location for learning. There are many world-class educational establishments across the country, as well as an abundance of online learning resources and apps that are available from anywhere at any time. Moreover, the country’s thriving e-learning market has created a perfect ecosystem to support innovative digital solutions. If you’re looking to purchase an effective learning management system from the Netherlands, then this article is for you. We’ll take you through the top 4 learning management system from Dutch vendors so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for your organization.


Located in Sittard.

(Yes, shameless 😇) Our L&D platform is first on this list.

Edloomio has all the features of a modern LMS, but it takes it a step further. In edloomio you will also find features such as newsletters, landing pages, job listing and even a project management tool. It’s an all-in-one suite for L&D and HR professionals.

The automation feature enables you to automate the majority of L&D processes like reporting, invitations, reminders, enrolments and much more.

Something very unique about edloomio is that it integrates with other LMS’s. So even if you can’t switch from your current LMS, you can simply extend it with edloomio.


Located in Nijmegen

Hupber describe themselves as a combination of LMS and LXP. While giving users personalized, social and online learning experience, managers can organize and manage the learning needs and progress of the users.

Hupber has all the features you expect from a modern LMS. It has a sleek and minimalistic interface that looks and works really great. It has a nice list of integrations and their course library of +200 learning activities offers a great add-on.

What strikes me is the young team behind Hubper. Maybe this is the reason they are the only one with an active Instagram account. 😉


Located in Amsterdam

Studytube started out as a video e-learning platform and has transformed into a fully fledged learning platform. Because of this history, their build-in online training library is very impressive. It consists of more than 250 online courses and 1,000 microlearning’s on subjects such as digital skills, vitality, project management and communication.

Studytube’s learning platform consist of different products. When you combine their learning management system, their learning experience platform and their course library, you’ll have one centralized environment for all your learning content.

Easy LMS

Located in Delft

Regardless if you like the owl (we love it 😍), Easy LMS is the most accessible learning management system (LMS) based out of the Netherlands. With pricing starting at €45 monthly, you can instantly jump in and start flying, I mean building.

In Easy LMS you’ll find the features you expect from a general learning management system. They don’t try to impress you with a slick interface or an impressive feature set. It’s all straight to the point, making it easy to use and the best choice if you have no prior experience with a LMS or want a no-fuss learning management system.


The Netherlands is a great place to find an effective learning management system. Thanks to the country’s abundance of digital entrepreneurs, it has resulted in a great number of innovative educational solutions. I hope this short list of 4 top learning management systems from the Netherlands helps you find your solution. Or as they say: let’s go Dutch. (Something like that…)

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