Top 5 HR technology trends in 2021

As COVID-19 made a sudden appearance in our lives, not only did it stop some businesses running but surprisingly brought plenty of innovative solutions to HR managers that struggled with manual hiring and on-boarding for years. 

In this article, we will highlight what is HR technology in the first place and what are the top HR technology trends in 2021.

What is HR technology?

HR Technology is cloud software that allows HR to store all the employee data in a centralized system securely. Moreover, it helps to conduct employee communication, performance management, recruitment onboarding, etc. HR technology eventually provides analytic tools to take the decisions strategically.

Especially, with the rise of tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z in the workforce, this trend couldn’t have been better.

  1. Artificial intelligence.

    Artificial Intelligence is becoming an irreplaceable tool of any HR that dramatically changes the workflow of HR duties. Now repetitive tasks are being taken by automated AI features, which gives more time for HR to focus on strategic tasks.

    Moreover, AI algorithms offer unique insights, while hiring talents. AI talent management helps to understand potential hires’ profiles from various sources, including their social media activity, making it easier for recruiters to find the right candidate. It also helps to avoid discrimination and to have a diverse workforce.

    At edloomio LMS, for example,  AI helps in employee engagement by continuous performance management and customized learning paths which creates a better working environment for employees and takes care of their psychological safety. 

  2. Remote HR technology 

    Even if the pandemic is over, the remote work will continue functioning. Thus, a cloud-based HR system is going to be an essential tool in order to store and access employee data securely as well as analyze and make decisions accordingly.


  3. Constant Learning, Training, and Development

    In a time where technology is taking over repetitive tasks, which will eventually make so many jobs disappear. HR managers invest more of their time in training employees to acquire soft skills such as leadership, communication, being a good team player, and being a decision-maker.

  4. Performance Management.

    In 2021 there will be more performance management software that will help organizations to gather quarterly/monthly reviews which will help supervisors and employees to create a cycle of expectations settings and feedback. Similarly, 360-feedback will help the employees to see the balanced assessment and develop skills.


  5. Employee wellness

    Obviously, employee well-being is what causes better productivity and performance.

    Thus, many HR managers will prioritize training that will help to create a better environment for employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health. Similarly, many learning management systems will create courses covering crucial parts of employees’ wellness. edloomio LMS, for example, offers several courses related to Workplace Harassment, Conflict Resolution, Mental Health: Remote work, that helps to overcome the challenges that employees face.


    The nature of work has changed unexpectedly, and even though many assumed that these changes were temporary, HR technology had to revolutionize for the long-term future. Thus, as an HR manager, using these tools would be the wisest decision in order to maintain the team. Book a demo with edloomio to get your academy done right, get the optimal HR technology trend, and move with the times. 

    Author: Bakhti Mizhgon

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