Top 7 unique edloomio LMS features.

For companies that grow rapidly and drastically, it is crucial to keep up to pace and provide employees with the resources they need. While there is plenty of fish in the sea, it’s important to define your company’s needs and choose the Learning Management System that can provide out-of-the-box features and make both the company and employees happy. 

As all the other LMS provide the obvious must-have features such as tracking and reporting, in this article we will define what is unique about edloomio LMS and why you should totally become our partner


edloomio content library

What’s great about edloomio is that you don’t need any extra time or effort for an installation. It is a web-based software that eliminates downloading and allows you and your employees to simply log in and easily create training content in a web browser.

Interactive Video

We all know how disengaged one can get while watching the whole 10-minute video. Why not put some easter eggs on it and make your employees invested?

Interactive video, allows employers to paste either a self-recorded video or a link from the internet. Besides, they can paste multiple-choice questions, stop the video and make the pop quiz on top of that video, which will eventually keep the learners engaged throughout the content.

Knowledge Base 

Do you know that feeling of seeing this amazing meme/article/ video on the internet but not remembering where it was yet really needing it for the reference? Well, your employees won’t have this feeling with edloomio.

The knowledge base section allows employees to collect all the information that they find useful, and save them in one ‘folder’. It makes it simple to keep all the learning materials organized and save documents, forms, product sheets in a single easy-to-find place. Similarly, employees will be able to find the information they need quickly with our easy sort filters and searchable database.

Artificial Intelligence

This is exactly when it gets unique. Artificial Intelligence-powered LMS? Is that even real? It turns out it is, with edloomio obviously.

Now your employees will not only have the opportunity to learn from the existing company-made content but get extra useful materials from other sources. Our AI-powered algorithms will push up related content that your employees got interacted with.

Isn’t it great when you give your students homework but see them making their own research from the other sources? Well, it seems your employees won’t even realize it because it’s edloomio who made the effort for them so that all the related materials are easily accessible to your team.

edloomio Content Library

<img src="LMS.png" alt="employee training materials">

We at edloomio think that knowledge is a great weapon and as a unique LMS we love arming our learners. Therefore, we created edloomio Content Libary where our users can enjoy the ready-made courses that are essential for their success at work.

We cover crucial topics such as Workplace Harassment, Negotiation Skills, Food Safety, Conflict Resolution, and more. We also provide over 142 HR documents that cover essential HR Policies and Checklists.

We were really inspired by Albert Einstein that once said: “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”  Do you know where is the location of edloomio LMS library? 😉 It’s here.

Affordable LMS software 

<img src="inexpensivelms.png" alt="affordable lms for a small business">

Besides having high-quality features, edloomio offers an inexpensive plan for midsize companies as well as large enterprises. What makes it even more special is that companies will be able to save a lot of money and time.

Secret Uniqueness 

There is one more uniqueness of edloomio which unfortunately can’t be mentioned in public but can be told and shown during the demo. Make sure to Book a Demo with us and find out what that mysterious uniqueness is and how it can be beneficial to your company.  


Author: Bakhti Mizhgon

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