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Easily manage all training records

All online and classroom training records

Upload and manage your entire workforce training records and certificates in one central location.

Team completion report

Keep track, on autopilot

Edloomio tracks the validity of certifications and automatically alerts supervisors and employees when training is about to expire. This way, you can keep the entire team’s safety training up to date without manually reviewing spreadsheets.

Training Matrix

Based on the position in your company, you can automatically assign courses or learning journeys to people. In the Training Matrix, you have an instant overview of the completion of all assigned courses based on the positions.

training matrix report

No more training gaps

Edloomio will identify missing or expiring safety training certification. Not only will it spot the gaps, but it will also assign the training and provide reminders. You no longer need to jump from spreadsheets to email and back again, edloomio will do the work for you.

Excel Compatibility

Edloomio is fully compatible with Excel spreadsheets to help make the transition to a centrally managed training record system seamless.

Moving your employee training records is done easily using drag & drop functionality to upload XSL or CSV files that contain user information, training certificates, and training history.


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