Why you'll love
your new LMS

Create courses and other training content in minutes

Web-based creation

Easily create training content in your web browser. There’s no software to download. Simply log in and start creating.


Create enjoyable training with media, text, video and many other activities. Import external content with SCORM, xAPI or even LTI.


Build engaging, interactive training quickly using gorgeous customizable sample courses and templates. Simply edit and deploy.

create online training no coding

Engaging and beautiful, your colleagues will love your training

Modern, beautiful design

With a modern and beautiful design, edloomio LMS is intuitive to navigate.

Interactive and media-rich

Interactive activities, multimedia, games and quizzes keep learners interested and engaged.

Perfect on every device

Responsive at its core, edloomio LMS adapts to all devices, automatically.

training platform companies

Training is simple to deploy, analyze, and automate in edloomio LMS

Training library

Publish training content to your library and create a vast open library to discover.

Training paths

Group courses into guided training paths that make it easy for people to complete onboarding journeys or gain new knowledge on a particular subject or theme.


Enrol people, or even groups, in courses and learning paths in just seconds. You can even set due dates for courses.


View reports by time frame, courses, people, or groups. Dive deeper into a particular person to see what training they’ve accessed, the activities they’ve completed, and their quiz scores.

Shareable reports

Export all reports to CSV for easy sharing.


Save time and automate administrative tasks and communication. Course deadlines, reminders, invitations, all is automated. 

automate online training

Secure, enterprise-class, cloud LMS


There’s no software to download. No system to maintain. We’ll take care of everything.

GDPR compliance

The edloomio LMS is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Edloomio collects only the data that’s necessary and enables you to view and manage your data.

Data encryption

We use the most advanced encryption technology publicly available to secure data. Using 256‑bit TLS/SSL encryption and 2048‑bit RSA public keys, edloomio encrypts all data.

Reliable and secure

Unlike our competitors, our customers have their own independent databases and instances of the software. We never share your data with others.

secure lms

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